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Toasting with Champagne
and other beverages

Toasting with the queen of toasting beverages

Champagne was the result of a mistake back in the 1700s when Monk Don Perignon discovered some bubles in the wine that were created by an error in processing. He tried to remove them and in that process developed methods of blending and clarifying the beverage. It soon became the drink the French aristocracy used for special occasions.

The only beverages that can legitimately be called Champagne are those from the Champagne region of France. Bubbling alcoholic beverages from California or other places should be called sparkling wines.

Couple toasting with champaigneHow to serve Champagne

The preferred glass is called a flute and is deep and narrow like those in the photo on the left. 

ExpertsToast glass recommend against serving Champagne in wide-rimmed glasses as that will cause the bubbles to dissapate more quickly. However, traditional toasting glasses at weddings are often shallow with wide rims as is the case with the glass pictured to the right.

When the toast is given

Raise your glass in response to the toast. It is also traditional for those near each other to clink their glasses before taking a sip of Champagne. Don't finish off your drink with one toast until you are sure that no others will follow. 

Why we clink glasses

There is an interesting history behind the tradition of clinking glasses. The Cliff Notes version is that we clink glasses before taking a slip to ward off evil spirits and signify that we trust the person who poured the wine.

How much will you need?

The average champagne bottle (.75 liter) pours about six glasses. 
The 1.5 liter bottle will fill 12 glasses.
The 3 liter  bottle will fill 24 glasses.

How to give champaign a special touch: 
Add a sugar cube and dash of bitters for a traditional cocktail.
Add orange juice for a mimosa.
Add a shot of creme de menthe for an Irish-green drink.
Add passion fruit or peach nectar for a champagne cocktail.
Add peach juice or nectar for a Bellini.
Add berries or a cherry for a splash of color.

Non-alcoholic choices for toasting:
Sparkling water
Sparkling cider
Water or any other beverage.

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