Pump Up Your Prose
The Rx for Flabby Business Writing

Is your business writing causing you problems at work? I
s your writing not getting you the results you want?

Get some free help.

Pump Up Your Prose
is for people like you who know that your writing affects your credibility. Make a good impression by following the guidelines in this handy collection of business writing tips.

This free 12-page guide helps you make your memos, letters and reports clear and correct.

Review those wording traps and common errors that can confuse your reader and cost you customers. Pump Up Your Prose also covers tips for formatting your documents so that your central message stands out and your document looks clean and professional.

Use this free guide to shape up those memos, reports and proposals so that your business writing will make you look good. 

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Pump Up Your Prose
The Rx for Flabby Business Writing

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