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This free guide to business writing  is a special prescription for business writing rules.  Pump Up Your Prose. is great advice for any writer who wants to improve their credibility by writing correctly, concisely and clearly according to the rules of good business writing.  And the best part of all?  It's absolutely free.

Whether you're writing an executive summary, a business report or a briefing paper, this guide will help you connect with busy readers who want the bottom line and don't have time to wade through lots of text.

I've taught writing and communications in a college for 20 years and I know that good business writing takes work, attention to detail and the ability to get your point across quickly to a busy reader. This business writing guide, Pump Up Your Prose, will help you make a good impression and tell your readers that you know the difference between a one word paragraph written for effect and just a word stuck in your copy that  detracts from your main point.  Pump Up Your Prose also highlights some word traps and writing rules we all learned at one time but often forget. 

For example, do you know

  • how to break up your copy and add white space to be more inviting?
  • how to use numbers and graphics to emphasize your points?
  • why you should almost always use active voice?
  • how to use simple, strong verbs for impact?

Don't let poor business writing get in the way of your message. Whether you are trying to share information or sell an idea or product, write your copy the right way using this business writing RX.

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Free guide - Pump Up Your Prose

This free 12-page guide helps you make your memos, letters and reports clear and correct.

Review those wording traps and common errors that can confuse your reader and cost you customers. Pump Up Your Prose also covers tips for formatting your documents so that your central message stands out and your document looks clean and professional.

Did you know that starting a sentence with such phrases as It is or there are can make your writing vague. You can almost always improve your business writing by revising those sentences to eliminate such phrases.

Did you know that using white space by adding heading, bullet points or lists will help your reader skim through your document and focus on the important points?

Did you know that using extra words or phrases such as "very" or "a little" weakens your writing and adds nothing to the reader's understanding?

Which sentence is more powerful?

  • He made a very strong statement about the appeal of the motto.
  • He made a strong statement about the motto.

Learn how to make every word count. Use this free guide to shape up those memos, reports and proposals so that your business writing will make you look good. 

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Pump Up Your Prose
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