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Special Speeches is designed for those times when you have to make a speech  . . . there's no way around it. All of us at some point attend events that call for speeches or toasts. Perhaps Aunt Betty is having a 90th birthday bash or your colleague Jim is retiring after 20 years with the company.  Celebrations for relatives, co-workers or friends require special remarks by those closest to them. And if that person is you -- and you are not used to public speaking -- you have come to the right place for help.   

Choose your special occasion for tips on the perfect speech.

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Start planning now for the right words to say at that upcoming wedding, retirement party, anniversary celebration or milestone birthday. Your close relationship with the others at the celebration means people will expect you to say something about the person being honored. And they will want you to be entertaining, engaging and tell them something about the person that they don't already know.

Special Speeches call for champaigne

That can be a tall order if you are someone who does not regularly speak in front of people. And you are the very ones this site is designed for. SpecialSpeeches can help you develop a speech or toast that will be unique to the person being honored, appropriate for the special occasion and entertaining for everyone.

Make no mistake: getting up in front of a group of people who have high expectations is not an easy task..

The thought of saying a few words to a celebratory gathering - especially when those people are family, friends and business colleagues -- may terrify you. It's only natural to feel nervous. In fact, having a phobia about public speaking is so common that some surveys list it as the top fear many people have.

But that is not going to be you!

Special Speeches gives you know-how in front of others.

This site can help you with tips and techniques that will make it easy to organize your speech and include memorable moments.  When it is your turn to be in the spotlight, you basically have two goals:

  • You want to make the honored person feel good.
  • You want whatever you say to make you look good.

A toast can be as short as two lines or as long as two minutes. A speech for most celebrations can be as long as five or six minutes and should never be more than ten minutes. A good speech requires a dynamic opening and closing punctuated by some interesting tidbits about the person that reveals what makes the celebrated individual so special to you.

With a little guidance, you can say the right words when the occasion demands remarks that are memorable, classy and unique. You'll find suggestions here that can help you tell others how you feel about the honored person in a way that makes you both proud. 

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Please check back often for tips on making special speeches, toasts and other types of presentations. Remember, everybody has some angst about public speaking, especially when you are not used to getting in front of people.  Follow our tips for ideas, quotes and ways to structure what you say when the spotlight is on you.

  “The goal of effective communication should be for listeners to say ‘Me too!’ versus ‘So what?'”    – Jim Rohn

   “All speaking is public speaking, whether it’s to one person or a thousand."    – Roger Love

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