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Hello.  I'm Patricia McArver.

As the creator of Special Speeches, I offer this website as a service to those who want ideas on what to say at special events and may not be accustomed to speaking before an audience. I have decades of experience in writing and public speaking.  I've worked to help businesses and nonprofits with marketing, and helped students and faculty polish speeches for important events. Most recently, I taught communications for 10 years at The Citadel where I also ran the Public Speaking Lab. I was also advisor to our college Toastmasters' Club, El Cid Toastdawgs.

Through my work in marketing and education, I have written a few hundred speeches and listened to thousands -- some excellent and some awful. The lessons from those speeches are the source of inspiration for this website.

Special Speeches contains some of my favorite quotes as well as tips on planning, organizing and delivering a speech that you will be proud to make. I hope that you find this site helpful.

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Patricia McArver addressing Citadel groupPhoto by Russ Pace. This photo is from when I am addressing a group convened for the Corps-wide Speaking Competition at The Citadel.

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Patricia McArver