Resources for speakers

Some excellent resources for speakers and speechwriters are available on the web. If you need inspiration for a speech, whether it is a wedding toast, retirement speech, business presentation or eulogy, here are some other websites that can help.

Resources for presenting an effective speech

Six Minutes: Public Speaking and Presentation Skills blog  
Andrew Dlugan got the title of his blog from the average time of a Toastmasters speech. His site focuses on speaking and speechwriting tips as well as reviews of books to help speakers and writers improve.  

Manner of Speaking
John Zimmer, an attorney who has captured some international speaking titles from Toastmasters provides excellent advice on delivery techniques. He also analyzes great speeches so we can all improve by studying these examples.

Toastmasters, International
The educational organization known worldwide for helping people become accomplished public speakers has a variety of resources. Search for a local chapter to find a solid program that will help you gain confidence and enhance your speaking skills. 

Rhetorical Devices
Here's a list with examples of your favorite rhetorical devices as well as a few dozen you've never heard of.  Stretch yourself and try something new.

Speaker checklist
A downloadable list of everything a speaker could possibly need from breath mints to spare batteries.

Public Words
A blog by Harvard Professor Nick Morgan who writes about speaking techniques with some interesting connections to the neuroscience of body language, presentations and impressions speakers unconsciously make.

Best Speech Topics

This website developed by teacher/attorney Brian Bellamy has tons of ideas on topics for a host of speeches. He's also quite familiar with Aristotle's three pillars of persuasion: logos, pathos and ethos.

Resources for speechwriters

Money-saving Guide for Authors and Writers

This listing is a reference and list of tools for writers and editors ranging from the classic Elements of Style to scholarship opportunities for students and potential careers for writers.

Examples of great speeches

Vital Speeches Of The Day 

TED Talks: Riveting Talks by Remarkable People - Ideas Worth Spreading.
Great speakers surface in all walks and professions. This site collects gems from the worlds of business, education, science and the arts.  

The Top 100 American Speeches as selected by American Rhetoric
This site contains both printable and audio versions of some of the most significant speeches in American history.   

Tools for speechwriters

Online Rhyming DictionaryIf you are a poet and know it, this site will help you write rhyming verses. If you believe poetry does not need to rhyme, this site will be pretty useless.

Cicero Speechwriting Awards: Honoring Excellence In Speechwriting 
A site for speechwriters who want to match their skills with others in the profession.

Collections of everything speech-related, the WalMart for webpages, offers a listing of bloggers with the best advice on speechwriting, public speaking and presentation skills. 

Quotation sources

The Quotations Page is a good source for famous quotes.  

Living Life Fully - A collection of motivational and inspirational quotes on a variety of topics.

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