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Business Writing Tips

Need some business writing tips to help you write that major report or proposal?  Here are some ideas to help you sharpen your writing. 

Decide on your goal.
Do you want to inform, persuade, solicit ideas or get someone to take action?  Knowing the result you want makes planning your document and writing it much more focused and efficient.

Develop your key message.
Your key mesage will relate to your goal. Having the discipline to write down the takeaway message you want others to receive will make your thinking and writing tighter.

Think about enriching content.
You will get your point across more effectively if you have supporting data, examples, illustrations or stories to enhance your writing.  As you write, you will no doubt find gaps that need further explanations or illustrations. However, pulling together some key data or other facts will help you gain momentum.

Do an outline.
Your third grade teacher was correct:  outlining helps keep your writing on track and makes the development of your points more logical. Knowing the path you will take from start to finish will help you write more efficiently.

Start in the middle if you are stuck.
You don't always have to start from the opening paragraph. Experienced writers often complete that after they have finished everything else. Knowing where you are going helps you write a killer first paragraph.x

Write quickly, then edit.
The best way to get writer's block is to start editing as you write.  Efficient writers know that the most important task at first is to get the first draft down. There will be time for changes later after you have gotten your ideas on paper.

Proofread and ask someone else to read it.
It is impossible to see typos and missing words in a document you have invested hours in.  Set your work aside and come back to it after taking a break. Then ask someone unfamiliar with your document to look it over. You'll be suprised at what a second set of eyes can find.
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