Father of the Bride toasts

The father of the bride will give a wedding speech to welcome guests to the reception. But he will also be expected to give a toast when the best man calls on him.

Here are some toasts that the father of the bride can use or adapt to share his sentiments on this special occasion or to keep the tone of the reception upbeat:

Short and sweet toast during a political year:
My name is John Smith and I approved of this marriage.

Humorous toast 

Here’s to marriage and loving forever
Here’s to my daughter, who’s pretty and clever.
Here’s to the man who today said I will
Let’s drink to their health…
And I’ll pay the bill.

General toast to the couple
To my daughter and her husband…

May you grow old together
And may the love you feel this day
Stay in your hearts forever….

Classic father of the bride toast
Fatherly advice:
The way to happiness is to
Keep your heart free from hate,
Your mind free from worry.
Live simply . . .Expect little. . . . Give much.
-- Traditional saying

Sentimental toast 
My daughter – the delight of my heart and a beautiful bride – is as happy today as I have ever seen her. 
Today Her mother and I gave her away to a special man. I can see why she loves him and I welcome Jeff to our family.
Jill, you will always be my pride and joy. Your happiness is our deepest desire. 
And so I offer a toast to my lovely daughter and her husband, Jeff, that the happiness they feel today will last forever.

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