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Birthday toasts and speeches

Birthday toasts are a great way to help friends or family celebrate the passing of another year.

birthday boy eating cakeWhat is best to say depends on the age of the celebrant. And what you say can refer to the birthday cake -- a necessity whether the person is young or old.  The choice in birthday cakes allows you to match the cake with someone's personality or age.  The cake is what is most important to the toddler at right. He doesn't care about  speeches or formalities: he just wants his cake.

Special occasions -- such as an 80th or 90th birthday -- call for celebrations of wisdom and maturity. You'll want to express thoughts that are classic, in good taste and heartfelt.

You can have more latitude for what you can say to those who are celebrating their middle ages. Check out the collection of sayings that celebrate those glorious middle ages with a sense of humor. 

After a person turns 30 or older, aging jokes are commonplace and can be really funny so long as none of the guests are truly old. Just be sure the humorous stories don't hurt anyone's feelings.

Once a person reaches 60, aging jokes work only if they are told by someone older. Even then, you should be sensitive to the birthday person's ability to laugh at himself or herself.

Flowers and gemstones traditionally go with specific birthdays, so you might want to refer to a birthday month chart as you develop your toast.

Toasts for birthdays and anniversaries often reflect changes a person has witnessed or encountered. Those who experience the Great Depression or World War II are now in their 80s and 90s but those a few decades younger witnessed the birth of rock and roll, the U.S. Civil Rights movement, the moon landing, the disco craze or wide ties and leisure suits. (If you don't know about that, look up fashion in the 70s.)  

Check out history timelines if you want to mention how much has changed in a person's life. The trip down memory lane can be fun for all guests as most will probably identify with the milestones you mention in a short speech. 

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