Retirement roasts and songs

Retirement roasts and songs may be original or spinoffs of popular music. Hosts of retirement parties have uploaded to YouTube some quite creative takes on the joys and pangs of retirement. SpecialSpeeches has collected some examples of famous and funny retirement roasts (as well as one classic speech by Lou Gehrig. )

Check these out for inspiration for your upcoming retirement celebration.

Lou Gehrig showed the world that he was a class act as he announced he was leaving baseball.  The legendary player gave remarks that generated a moving response of gratitude from the crowd at the baseball game. Setting a tone of gratitude and humility, he connected with his fans using only a few sentences in his legendary farewell. 

Life in the military is full of traditions and exercises that make retiring a bittersweet experience. And there is something about military humor that transcends the hardships of the lifestyle.  Everyone will recognize this takeoff of military training drills that is a classic that is hard to top. 


The challenge of retirement

is how to spend time

without spending money. 

-- Unknown

Rick Quarles has produced a retirement song video with the refrain, Retirement is my reward.... I can do what I want... or just be bored.

Sergeant H has produced a happy retirement song with a reggae beat that won him the Las Vegas Silver Ace Award.

This singer -- MSfreeda100 -- did a great imitation of Etta James in this adaptation of the classic song At Last written by Mack Gordon and Harry Warren.

Bryan Claaz takes a kind view of retirement and aging in his song Forever Young. 

And check out Monty Falulla's song, You're happily retired.

Retirement roasts and songs by teachers

If you want to go to a fun retirement party, find one where a beloved teacher is stepping down. In this video, the retiree was roasted by his son and others with their adaptation of that Doors classic, Light My Fire. They changed the refrain to Come on Baby, time to retire.

The teachers from White Oak School had a ball sending off some retirees with their adaptation of I Will Survive.

Or compare that with this rendition of I Will Survive  which has a little less production but still loads of heart.  Nice comments about the retiree -- Nancy -- by her colleague.

Paul Henehan used the song I've looked at life from both sides now for his inspiration for this teacher retirement.  (The song starts at about 2:15)

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The prime retirement months are June, September and December for those workers who leave at the end of a fiscal year. If you want to look for any other recent retirement roasts, go to YouTube and do a search for Retirement speech.  And if you come up with a dynamite roast or song, share it with others by uploading it to YouTube.