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Retirement roasts and songs

Here are some clever retirement roasts and songs posted on YouTube that may give you some ideas or at least a chuckle.
Retirement Drill Team

This clip from the Steve Harvey TV Show is a hilarious interpretation of the famous Marine Silent Drill Team performance done with retirees and folding chairs.

More Jody Calls
for a retiree

Lou Gehrig's
Farewell Speech

Short, touching and uplifting.  You have to love someone who shows this much gratitude in the face of crushing news.

Tribute to Father

Retirement tribute from Josh Rachlis to his dad who retired from the school board.

Some good laughs.

Part of the explanatory audio is bad but the speech has a great introduction and good one-liners.

Shaquille O'Neal retirement speech

Great speech from someone who is a household word. A good mix of humor and serious thoughts.

Executive roast

Retirement roast for Mark Turner who retired from Ford in 2008. Good play on 12 reasons he is retiring.

Retirement song

Clever farewell to a group of teachers. The singer based his tribute on the song,  “I’ve looked at life from both sides now.”

Planning a retirement party

Retirement speeches

When you are the retiree


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