Retirement songs and poems

Retirement. . . the anticipation of good times to come. These whimsical retirement songs and poems capture the spirit of a life free from deadlines, commutes to work or being chained to a schedule.  Retiring soon? Sing the Song of the Happy Retiree. (Lyrics and melody below.)

The song of the happy retiree

This retirement song below is based on the melody of the classic Happy Days are Here Again  by Milton Ager (music) and Jack Yellen (lyrics). 

The song gained fame as the theme song during the campaign of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  Decades later Barbara Streisand recorded a sultry version of the song.

I've gone with the jolly, upbeat version and have written new lyrics for someone anticipating retirement. 

The organist in the clip below gives you the tune. Try reading the lyrics as the video is playing.

Happy Days Retirement Song

The Happy Retiree - a retirement song for a celebration

Happy Days are here at last
My days of nine to five are past
I’ve worked all my life and paid my dues
Now I’ll do just what I choose.

Now it’s time to say goodbye
But I’ll not moan and I’ll not cry.
You’ve been great to work with…that I know
But it’s time for me to go.

I’ve finished watching the clock
And glad that now I can stop

Those nights of work and weekends too
Although I had home chores to do
Work came first but always  I’d regret
Missing life and kids and pets.

No more deadlines, no more forms
And no more taking clients’ scorns.
I’ll be happy, rested …and I will
Just stay home and take my pills.

I’ll stay up late and watch the news
At 8 a.m. you’ll see me snooze.
I will miss rush hour…I’ll get soft
From my afternoons of golf. 

My office time is all done.
And now I’m ready for fun.

OH happy days are here to stay.
My stress from work will go away.
I will miss you all…but won’t be blue
'Cause I'm starting life anew.

These songs and verses below, written by SpecialSpeeches and others, can be used in speeches, toasts and cards. Help yourself! 

Light-hearted messages about retirement

We've worked together for quite a while
Now  your years with us are done,
And when you go, we’ll miss your smile
But be glad for a fellow who's fun. 
. . . Enjoy your retirement.

Retirement toast: Rules for a retiree

When you turn in your keys and walk out the door, remember . . . 

  • Savor each day.
  • Laugh at your mistakes.
  • Don't smile too broadly when others complain about work. 
  • Don't stress about your to-do list. It will still be there tomorrow.
  • Read those books you bought but never started. 
  • Learn something new.
  • Remember us and stay in touch. 

Thanks for a job well done!

Retirement poem for a card or toast

Your days here at work have had plenty of stress.
May your days ahead include well-deserved rest.
Budgets and plans will no longer be due.
No quotas to meet nor timelines to do.
As you retire, good luck and Godspeed.
Whatever is next, we know you’ll succeed.


If you like barbershop quartets, here's a song from none other than The Early Bird Specials.

Every stereotype about retirement is here but it's a happy piece that should give you a smile. 

Short messages for retirement cards

Thanks for the years of a job well done.
Enjoy your retirement, relax and have fun.  

We'll miss you but are glad you'll be free
To enjoy some new opportunities.

Man relaxing in hammock with dogIstock photo by Photoboyko from Ukraine

The retiree's calendar

In retirement. . . 

Monday means it's time to start
Your plans for what you'll do.
Tuesday is for catching up
On chores, but just a few.

Wednesday-Thursdays are the days
You'll shop for senior deals.
Fridays mean the week is done
And Oh, how good it feels!

The thing about retirement is
That weekdays are for fun. . . 
Like weekends used to be, except
Each day is a rerun.  

Retirement message: Advantages of retirement 

Retirement means you will now have time to . . .

  • Think
  • Exercise
  • Cook healthy meals.
  • Stop checking your watch 10 times a day.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Do what you feel like doing.

Enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done. And best wishes for this new chapter in your life.

Retirement toasts: a poem and a limerick

They say time is money and waits for no man.
And castles don't stand if built on the sand.
But time should be different for you starting soon.
You can start a new gig or sleep until noon.
   Enjoy your retirement

They say time is money and waits for no man.
And castles don't last if built on the sand.
But now time will wait
For you to relate
To a new life with fewer demands.
   Happy retirement.

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