Retirement Jody calls

Retirement Jody calls are a fun way to add some humor to a military retirement party. They are sure to bring back memories of early morning runs requiring exertion, endurance, and sweat which add up to a unique bonding experience within a company.  Write your own Jody calls or check out the verses below written especially to celebrate the retirement of a veteran who is leaving the military.

The term Rise and Shine has a special meaning to veterans who remember their physical training often started with a before-daylight run. A Jody call would make the workout less onerous.

Check out the all-time classic Jody call - My old grannie is 91

New retirement jody calls

I’m retiring one day soon
Won't be up and out till noon.
Though I’ll miss you all . . .  it’s true
I’ll have fun and not be blue.


No more push ups
No more sit ups
No more wake ups
I’ll just get up

Till I rise at 10 AM
Keep the bedroom lighting dim
Then I’ll move and hit my stride
Playing golf. . . where I can hide


Major duties will unfold
To fill my days…that’s what I’m told.
Got a list of honey-dos
Many options I can choose.


Maybe they’ll give me a watch
Bring my dress code up a notch
Maybe I’ll just take a cruise
Get some sun and drink some booze.

Hang my B-D-Us upright
In the closet – out of sight
And I’ll think of days gone by
But you’ll never see me cry.

Sure it’s tough to say farewell
Since the times we’ve shared are swell
Better days you ‘ll find ahead
But don’t forget the things we’ve said.

New Refrain

Come on….come on
Good life…good life
Come on good life
Come on…good life.

I know when a warrior leaves
And turns civilian, he believes
Life out there is filled with bliss
No more M-R-Es to miss

New Refrain

Retirement living must be fine
And one day it will be mine
I’ll buy a house and settle down
With new retirees all around.

New Refrain

Some day I will reach old age
Different lifestyle at that stage.
But you’ll see me fit and spry
Wearin’ khakis, tennis shoes and ties.